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Curtain Cleaning Sydney - Sydney, Australia
    Curtain Cleaning Sydney

    Fresh Cleanings Services are your local curtain cleaning and maintenance experts. Using an exclusive system and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, they can rejuvenate your curtains, bringing them back to life. They can clean your curtains in your house, or to remove more stubborn stains such as mould and mildew, they’ll take ... »

    24/7/2017 - Sydney, Australia




Curtain Cleaning Brisbane - Brisbane, Australia
    Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

    OZ Clean Team Curtain Cleaning has industry knowledge of many years in curtain cleaning and we love to pamper our customers with extra advantages – a little more than just quality curtain cleaning. We are specialized in Mould Removal from curtains. We provide curtain & drapery cleaning services in the ... »

    22/7/2017 - Brisbane, Australia


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Mattress Cleaning Brisbane - Brisbane, Australia
    Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

    Mattress cleaning services from Tip Top Clean Team & Home Services will also help keep dust mites at bay, and if you have a bed bug problem, we can help with that as well. We know that you want to keep your children as healthy as possible, and mattress cleaning ... »

    20/7/2017 - Brisbane, Australia


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Curtain Cleaning Brisbane - Brisbane, Australia
    Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

    If you wish to keep your curtains and blinds as good as new then there is a simple way hire qualified curtain cleaners from Tip Top Clean Team Brisbane. We have been delivering quality, authentic, and most cost-effective solutions for all kinds of curtains and blinds for more than Twenty ... »

    14/7/2017 - Brisbane, Australia


Commercial Floor Cleaning Melbourne - $200 - Melbourne, Australia
    Commercial Floor Cleaning Melbourne

    Why go to the expense of replacing your floor when you can get it restored for a fraction of the Price? Restore the look of your beautiful floors with expert floor cleaning services of Activa Cleaning. Our cleaning service expertise extends across a complete range of flooring, including: Carpets. Hard-Surface ... »

    12/7/2017 - Melbourne, Australia



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Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning - Melbourne, Australia
    Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne, we provide professional carpet dry cleaning using better-quality equipment. A supreme carpet cleaning in your home can create a cozy, comfortable, and often elegant look. In order to keeps your carpet looking its best; it needs to be kept clean and properly maintained. Your residence ... »

    11/7/2017 - Melbourne, Australia


Skip Bin Hire In Lilydale. - Melbourne, Australia
    Skip Bin Hire In Lilydale.

    Suburban Skips Offers affordable Skip Bins Hire service in Lilydale. Our aim to protect our environment and thus with our skip hire service in Lilydale, we make sure that all the toxic and non-recyclable waste is disposed in burial sites to keep our planet clean and surroundings healthy. As for ... »

    10/7/2017 - Melbourne, Australia


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Same Day Carpet Cleaning Brisbane - Brisbane, Australia
    Same Day Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Our proficient carpet cleaning experts are professionals in removing the toughest stains and deepest dirt. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just clean the surface! Our carpet cleaning is comprehensive, effective and safe with prices that are hard to beat. Back 2 New Cleaning is committed to delivering speedy, efficient and ... »

    3/7/2017 - Brisbane, Australia


Deluxe Tile Cleaning - Melbourne, Australia
    Deluxe Tile Cleaning

    Deluxe tile cleaners are proficient at matching color of grout sealers with your choice of color and advise you're about the sealer color. We will offer you with the finest tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne. We are your local specialist for tile cleaning, grout cleaning and tile and ... »

    2/7/2017 - Melbourne, Australia


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Marks Carpet Cleaning - Melbourne, Australia
    Marks Carpet Cleaning

    Mark’s Carpet Cleaning provides the greatest carpet cleaning services for housing and commercial customers in Melbourne. We use only eco friendly carpet steam cleaning solutions and our 100% client satisfaction is what people vouch for. Call us to hire skilled, qualified, and certified carpet cleaners in Melbourne! Our carpet Cleaners ... »

    29/6/2017 - Melbourne, Australia



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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne - Melbourne, Australia
    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Squeaky Clean Carpet Melbourne provides total carpet cleaning solutions for household and commercial properties at most affordable rates. We keep your carpets immaculately clean and absolutely hygienic with our brilliant cleaning services. Now you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to clean your carpets and give ... »

    27/6/2017 - Melbourne, Australia


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Mattress Cleaning Brisbane - Brisbane, Australia
    Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

    Our Mattress Cleaning Brisbane service will help you breathe easier and get a better night’s sleep. Beds are prime real estate for dust mites and other little nasties and when you think about it, we spend a third of our lives with these uninvited bedfellows! While we sleep, we shed ... »

    21/6/2017 - Brisbane, Australia


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Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane - Brisbane, Australia
    Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

    Zenith Cleaning services is based in Brisbane which deals in all types of upholstery and sofa cleaning at very affordable price. Our experienced & specialized Brisbane upholstery cleaning staff utilizes industry leading equipment & processes specifically designed to remove tough stains from all kinds of surfaces. Our special process ensures ... »

    17/6/2017 - Brisbane, Australia


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Carpet Cleaning Sydney - Sydney, Australia
    Carpet Cleaning Sydney

    If you’re looking for affordable carpet cleaning services, you should look no further than Kangaroo Cleaning Services. Operated by Kangaroo Cleaning Services team, it’s our goal to provide you with the greatest carpet cleaning experience possible. Our specialists take a special approach to carpet cleaning by tailoring their methods to ... »

    15/6/2017 - Sydney, Australia


Professional Skip Bin Hire Footscray - Melbourne, Australia
    Professional Skip Bin Hire Footscray

    Concorde Skip Bins serve in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs with skip bins for hire service at a great affordable price. With our affordable pricing structure, we have become one of the prominent Skip Bin Hire company operating in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. We have been providing Skip Bin Hire ... »

    13/6/2017 - Melbourne, Australia


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Deluxe Mattress Cleaning - Melbourne, Australia
    Deluxe Mattress Cleaning

    Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Melbourne always uses Eco- friendly products and non- toxic chemicals for mattress cleaning that are safe for everyone. Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Melbourne provides a complete range of mattress cleaning services to offer full care to your precious mattresses. Our proficient technicians, eco-friendly solutions, state-of-the-art technology, 100% guarantee, ... »

    13/6/2017 - Melbourne, Australia


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Marks Curtain Cleaning - Melbourne, Australia
    Marks Curtain Cleaning

    If you or someone if your family has been skilled allergic reactions or breathing problems in your Melbourne home, our curtain steam cleaning service may be the solution you need! Curtain is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning your house or looking for allergens. Marks Curtain Cleaning provides professional ... »

    12/6/2017 - Melbourne, Australia


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Upholstery Cleaning Sydney - Sydney, Australia
    Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

    Clean Master Sydney provides the best cleaning approach. Almost homeowners love to decorate their house with upholstered furnitures. Your purpose to give a new appearance inside your home and to make it presentable is a pleasant attitude. Although it requires the correct cleaning in order to keep its beauty as ... »

    26/5/2017 - Sydney, Australia


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Mattress Cleaning Brisbane - Brisbane, Australia
    Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

    The safest and most effective method for mattress cleaning is the dry extraction method. We use a potent vacuum unit, suitable for mattresses, along with UVC light, and deodorizers that keep the hygiene of the mattress intact. You definitely do not want to smell chemicals during your sleep after the ... »

    24/5/2017 - Brisbane, Australia


Skip Hire Laverton - Concorde Skip Bins - Melbourne, Australia
    Skip Hire Laverton - Concorde Skip Bins

    Concorde Skip Bins is the perfect choice for your skip bin hire service in Melbourne. Our years of expertise and knowledge in this industry allow us to provide a wide range of skip bin for all your waste removal needs in Melbourne. We offer flexible residential and commercial rubbish removal ... »

    23/5/2017 - Melbourne, Australia


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